What is uWiki

uWiki is a framework to build a self extensible wiki engine, its a idea/subproject of the Lumiera team. The wikis own code is available for web editing (protected by ACL's). Content is not tied to any specific markup but instead uWiki maintains a metadata database which associates content with a type which defines how to process it. Revision control is also done by plugins. Sub hierarchies can be controlled by different revision control systems. This together makes it possible to maintain sub-wikis which are for example checkouts of an other software project, for review and small fixes, documentation and localization for example.

After all its a hackers-dream wiki which is only limited by our imagination. It's planned to support distributed wiki pages which kindof float through the web between wikis. We already have very fine grained ACL's which for example allow only adding comments to a page (or sourcecode) or only append new content and so on. Seamless git integration where developers can push/pull as well as edit over the web is also planned…

So far uwiki is really naked, you don't even notice whats going on there but well here it is (ichthyo already played a bit with it): http://uwiki.pipapo.org/

Please don't play on the main wiki page. There is a http://uwiki.pipapo.org/Sandbox sub repository where anyone can try things out (not public yet).

You can create an account at: http://uwiki.pipapo.org/_uwiki/form/account_create.html

Login name:

must be lowercase less than 32 characters

Real Name:

should be your realname (defaults to Anonymous) Realnames are used for commits, please prefer to provide your name or leave it empty.


will later be used for account setup and recovery, please add either your real email or leave it empty, note that emails there will be used in commits and thus be public visible.


Passwords are currently unused, later we will add some more authentication methods.

When you created an account it provides you and link which activates the account by setting some cookies in your browser. You must have cookies enabled and keep this link data secret. You can use this link (bookmark it) to reactivate your account after you logged out.

Currently new users (and anonymous users) have almost no permissions, this will change in future. But so far I have to add any new user manually to the Users group. Please drop me a note on IRC or via Mail when you created an account.

The planned policy is that any User will be able to add (but not remove) any other user to the Users Group. Kindof invite only, net of trust. This should be reasonable to keep spamers out.

How to use uwiki in the crude way

uwiki's own sourcecode is under: http://uwiki.pipapo.org/_uwiki/

uwiki is driven by actions you can view this actions (code) at: http://uwiki.pipapo.org/_uwiki/action/

and invoke an action on a file by: http://uwiki.pipapo.org/uwiki/ACTION/path/to/file for example: http://uwiki.pipapo.org/uwiki/edit/index.txt

quite likely uwiki will barf with an error on a lot actions on you, thats normal for now because i set permissions quite strict and want to loosen it later.

You may notice a lot form elements which are not yet documented, these are the parts where we need to write documentation for.

Futher you find some more subdirs under the _uwiki source dir: http://uwiki.pipapo.org/_uwiki/documentation/ contains some prelimary documentation, some things are quite outdated. Should be moved to /doc later. http://uwiki.pipapo.org/_uwiki/form/ the asciidoc source code of the different forms uwiki uses. Needs a lot work to make this more nice, i just added whats necessary for functionality yet. http://uwiki.pipapo.org/_uwiki/scm/ the backends for different revision control systems, currently only git provided. http://uwiki.pipapo.org/_uwiki/type/ the object types of files which are supported.